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Guys, are you living large and enjoying life?


...or does this conversation sound familiar instead?

You: “I’ve had a great time tonight. Let’s get together again this Saturday. There’s a new Guardians of the Galaxy movie we can go to. I’ll text you with the time.”

Her: “Uh, no thanks. I have plans for Saturday.”

Ouch! In your head you ask yourself: “What the heck am I doing wrong?”


How many times have you been frustrated by the dating game? Have you ever just wanted to beat on a heavy bag in the gym after one more relationship stopped dead in its tracks? Aaaaargh! OK, so maybe you haven’t been so dramatic about it.

Still, if you’re like many young guys in high school and college (or even older guys, divorced and back on the dating scene) you’ve struggled with this question: “Why is it so hard? How do I get to the next level?”

I’ve Felt Your Pain

I’ve spent a lot of time frustrated. I made plenty of dating mistakes. Some mistakes were simple, and others were pretty drastic. At one point I thought there was something wrong with me and I was not allowed to have a relationship. I had hit a pretty low point. Many Saturday nights I was either home alone or out at a movie by myself. Just watching other couples out in public frustrated and angered me.

This one thought kept running through my head: Why not me? Why can’t I have that?
So what’s a guy supposed to do? Where do you look for answers? The first place to look on the web is almost always the same…the Pick Up Artists

Can PUA Help?

If you’re like most guys, you’ve probably looked into the Pick Up Artist (PUA) community for some guidance. PUA is all over the internet and easy to find. Sure, PUA provides you with some interesting “game” and some amusing opening lines. That’s all it does. It’s great for picking up horny women for low quality one-night stands. It’s less useful for building relationships, and it’s completely wrong for everyday interactions. PUA is not the powerful and important information you need.

You Need Something Smarter

PUA might get you laid occasionally, but it doesn’t address what’s really making dating hard. PUA provides tactics, but it doesn’t provide the foundations for anything more. It took me a while to figure out exactly what that “more” was. The shocking part was discovering I wasn’t the only one who didn’t understand!

Gradually things started to click for me and I saw the patterns emerge. I discovered there are powerful foundational concepts every guy needs to know. Nobody ever teaches guys like you and me these dating and relationship concepts. Not your buddies, not the pickup artists. I had never learned the right skills and the foundational concepts to tackle the dating scene.A lucky few stumble upon these concepts naturally, but many suffer and learn them the hard way. As I spent years learning more and more, I became a little angry that nobody ever shared this powerful and important knowledge with me or other guys. The knowledge is THAT important!

I call this knowledge…

The Cheat Codes for Dating, Relationships and Sex 3.0

The Cheat Codes are not a collection of gimmicks for hooking up with girls. The Cheat Codes are deep foundational knowledge that will improve all aspects of your dating life, no matter which techniques you choose to use to date women.

Why do you need the foundational knowledge and skills? Well, if you ever watched young children play soccer you know how awkward they can be. Without the foundations of the sport, they’ll just kick the ball back and forth on the football pitch, never scoring a goal. You do want to score goals, so you need to know the foundations of the dating game. The Cheat Codes provide just that.

Goal! Goal!

I’m sharing the Cheat Codes with you in this FREE special report. I want you to learn the untaught skills to level up your dating, so you don’t spend as much time frustrated and alone as I did.

There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on a sleazy dating coach or some morally questionable pick up artist training. First try the simple hacks in the free report, and watch your grasp of Dating, Relationships and Sex improve dramatically.

Time is Running Out…On You!

There’s a rule of thumb within the dating community that an attractive, high quality woman never goes longer than 2 weeks without a guy to date! Will you be leveled up before she finds that new boyfriend? Act now and get the FREE cheat codes e-mailed directly to you now.

“I wish I had known these cheat codes while I was still in college. Using them would have changed my life.”
Frank P.
How do you win the game of DRS 3.0? Do you even know? You’ll be surprised to find out winning is not what you think. See Cheat Code 1 in the pdf.

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Do you have these two important skills needed to play DRS 3.0? The skills are revealed in Cheat Codes 2 “Abundance” and 5 “Rapport”.

Do you know the one move you should NEVER make in the game? See Cheat Code 6 “The AFC Move”.

Now you’ve got an incredibly hot, crazy and wild girl back at your apartment. What’s next? You’ll be surprised by Cheat Code 12, “The Sane Dick Strategy”

“The Sane Dick Strategy” saved my life. The next guy she dated ignored it and she made his life miserable.” Dave P.
Dave P.

Be sure to check out all 14 cheat codes. Download the free pdf because it can change your life.

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