Various Tracks a Man's Mind Takes

The Year of Fidelity
Welcome to 2019! How are those New Years resolutions going? Ok, I’m a bit late with my greeting. As I[...]
The Missing Cheat Code
Recently I’ve introduced an e-Book for download, called The Cheat Codes for Dating, Relationships and Sex 3.0, The Guy’s Version.[...]
The Integration Elixir
"Masculinity is a force that emanates from the male soul with a burning desire to create, to make an impact, to be a masterful part of the greater world. Masculinity is an act of will. It originates within the mind and manifests through our deliberate choices and actions. Like any force, masculinity can be used to benefit oneself, others and society as a whole, or it can be used to damage others and damage society."
The Feminine Corollary
A solid definition of masculinity goes a long way to helping men live masculine lives. Men are only half of humanity though. How does the other half define their lives? What is femininity?
Sick and Angry? Me too.
It’s only a few days after the Harvey Weinstein revelations made big news and I made a huge mistake.  Yep,[...]
The Masculinity Revelation (part 1 of 6)
Masculinity is difficult to pin down, and intelligent discourse is even more difficult.  When it comes to masculinity, people hold tons of hidden assumptions, and hold many hidden agendas. A person needs to get past these assumptions and agendas to truly understand masculinity.
Meme Culture
Questions? Do you have a question?  About anything?  From simple questions about cats to more complex queries on quantum mechanics,[...]
Return of the Red Pill
Warning: Explicit Content   If you’re a Red Pill kind of guy, then you know all about what I’m going[...]
I Remember When I Lost My Mind
A Lesson in Cognitive Dissonance Good music is hard to find nowadays.  Most pop music is formulaic and repetitive It[...]
Five Important Lessons from “The Year of Better Decisions”
Last year around this time, I designated 2016 to be “The Year of Better Decisions”.   The general principle was[...]
Real Men Don’t Walk This Way
As I post this, Donald Trump has been President of the United States for 14 days, and the United States[...]
Exposing Evil to the Self-Aware Man
I have seen quite a few presidential elections in my time, but I've never witnessed so many people, including ones[...]
Poker Tells and Insults
When the subject of masculine games comes up, inevitably you’ll hear examples such as football, rugby, baseball, soccer, and even[...]
Gentleman, or Obsessive?
I have written before about love song lyrics.  It’s not a pretty picture.  Love songs are extremely bad representations of[...]
The Missing Cheat Code
Recently I’ve introduced an e-Book for download, called The Cheat Codes for Dating, Relationships and Sex 3.0, The Guy’s Version.[...]
Being Authentic – A No Nonsense Guide
When I was 12 years old, alien abductions were the rage.  It seemed that everybody was claiming to be abducted.[...]
The Year of Better Decisions
Happy New Year 2016This year I didn't make the typical New Year's Resolution. No S.M.A.R.T. goals. No deadlines. No stretch[...]
The Fallacy of the Alpha Male
Masculinity is having a renaissance. After several decades under the thumb of radical feminism and media denigration, men are finally[...]
On Being a Man – Step 1
I have been fascinated by the concepts of masculinity and manhood, probably because I've felt lacking in those traits.  I've[...]
12 Signs for Spotting a Misandrist
Women, especially feminists, love to bandy about the word "misogynist", that is, a term to designate someone who hates women.[...]
Everything a Guy Needs to Know About Dating a Feminist
In the March 2015 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, the editors have graciously explained to men their 14 important points to[...]
Life Lessons from TV Comedy
Image courtesy of Ambro at FreeDigitalPhotos.netOne of the most important life lessons I learned came from watching sitcoms on television.  Surprising,[...]
The Lie of the Anti-PUA
I was a young engineer many years ago when I learned a lesson that has stuck with me over the[...]
Relentless Focus
When I was growing up, I was never quite happy with my lot in life.  I was pretty sure I[...]
I’m Glad my Girlfriend Cheated On Me – Here’s Why
We seldom get to hear both sides of a story.  Sometimes we need to imagine what the other side has[...]
6 Things Modern Men Need to Know About Rape Culture
(updated from a prior version to test the appeal of different formats)If you are a man, you've probably heard about[...]
Speech: Living La Vida Caveman
This year (2014) I entered the Toastmasters Humorous Speech Contest in my division a little late.  I jumped in for[...]
Don’t Take the Red Pill!
Recently, the Red Pill Movement has gained some attention from the press as a men's rights movement, so it's worth[...]
A Gentleman’s Guide to Rape Culture, the Politically Incorrect Version.
If you are a man, you've probably heard about "rape culture".  I know that sounds terrible, even terrifying in fact,[...]
Reframing Money
Sometimes in life things just don't work the way we expect them to, and we don't understand why.  We either[...]
A Dose of Reality for Both Genders
(Note: This article got corrupted during some reformatting efforts a while back.  I have fixed it and republished it here.)[...]
Bruno Mars is Really From Venus
If I were asked to think of names that sound truly manly, the list might include names like Silas, Burke,[...]
Feminism vs. masculism – are they the same?
( you might also be interested in this: A Dose of Reality for Both Genders)A while ago, a feminist web[...]
Speech: Dancing Your Way to Success
I've spent a couple weeks doing the Toastmasters Humorous Speech Contest circuit.  First the club level, then the area level[...]
Thoughts: Dedication and Purpose
The other day I was discussing with friends the topic of purpose.  "How do I find my life's purpose?" was[...]
Thoughts: A Card Stock Lightning Rod
I was thinking about a scratch off lottery ticket that I recently bought.  On the surface it seems to fulfill[...]
Thoughts: Death by A Thousand Cuts
At our recent Toastmasters Leadership Institute, also known simply as officer training, we discussed some of the reasons people leave[...]
Thoughts: The Lie of the PUA
If you're a guy and you've ever had trouble getting a date and turned to the internet for help, you've[...]
Speech Video: Evolution of Not Self 2
It can be very informative to see how a speech evolved from its first iteration to the second.  This is[...]
Thoughts: Somebody Agrees With Me!
If you thought my post about Danger and Insane Lyrics was off the wall, then I feel compelled to point[...]
Speech: Telepathy in Modern Society
My latest speech (March, 2012) follows the theme of mental programs I started with Buttons.   Once again, this a[...]
Speech: The Drollery Coefficient
I can't believe I haven't posted this humorous speech yet!  It's one of my favorites, but it requires some knowledge[...]
Speech: Buttons
Toastmasters projects limit most speeches to 5-7 minutes. This limit provides an opportunity to practice oratory under a time constraint, and gives[...]
Thoughts: Dangerous and Insane Lyrics
I can't help myself.  I love a catchy pop dance tune, even if it's the same tunes the teenagers are[...]
Speech Video: Not Self
Here's a speech I did as a test speaker for an evaluation contest back in the fall of 2010. I[...]
Speech: Things I Have Learned
Here's the text of another speech I gave at Toastmasters: Several years ago, a coworker introduced me to a newspaper[...]
The Table
  I wrote the following for our Toastmasters club's ill-fated newsletter when I was president: Nowadays social media is everywhere. [...]
Welcome to Rhetoric by Eric, or just "rheteric".  This blog serves to share my thoughts on public speaking, oratory, personal[...]