About Me

As you read my writings, you might think I am some kind of expert in the field of masculinity and personal improvement.  Let’s clear the air.  I’m not that expert.

Don’t Listen to Me

I don’t have a degree in psychology; I am not another Dr. Robert Glover.  (I’m not even certified in his program, although I’d like to be.)  I am not a famous writer on the topics of men’s studies. I am not Mark Manson.  I am not David Deida.  I am not Lewis Howes.  I’m definitely not David De-Angelo.  Even Johnny Dzubak?  Please!  I wish.

Considering the obvious lack of evidence and lack of pedigree, as well as the saturation of advice already out there in the “man-o-sphere”, you probably shouldn’t read a word I write.

What do you get from reading my works?  What do I bring to the discussion?

Do Listen to Me

I was not happy with my lot in life.  Nothing came to me like the spectacular model lives everyone else seemed to be living.  As self-help books became more popular, and internet resources bloomed, like many guys I set out on a journey to fix myself so my life would be better.  The pivotal moment came when I realized that it’s not me that needed fixing; I wasn’t broken.  I just didn’t have the right human relationship skills.  When it comes to manhood and masculinity, I realized I had made almost every mistake a guy could make.  Sometimes I’ve done it wrong multiple times, maybe just to drill it into my dumb head.

By now, I know practically everything to avoid doing, and a lot of behaviors worth doing.  I’m sharing this knowledge so you don’t make the same mistakes.  It’s never too late to learn.

“When a man shares advice, he’s really just talking to his younger self.”  I borrowed this idea from Austin Kleon, author of Steal Like an Artist.  Yes, I stole it, massaged it and rewrote it as above because the concept seemed so powerful and true for me.  Everything I write is advice I wish I had when I was younger, even if just a few years younger.

Much of what I write is what I feel is important enough to have changed my life if I knew it earlier.

About Me

I am a deep thinker, an avid reader, and seeker of manhood.  I tend to make associations that many other people don’t see.  I see bigger pictures and related systems. Ultimately I write my thoughts and realizations down for myself.  Much of what I write is what I feel is important enough to have changed my life if I knew it earlier.  I share it because maybe somebody else can use the same advice, but in a more timely fashion.

What’s with the Machinery?

Nothing exhibits the basic drive of masculinity for me like raw and simple machinery.  The home page is a photo of a steam locomotive, from the days when men controlled fire and steam to make an impact in the world.  That impact took raw iron and steel and other materials and turned it into a large mechanical device to just move things.  The locomotive provided transport of people and materials across the world, driving our economy back in its heydays.  The locomotive is my favorite example of masculinity,  making an impact and effecting change.

Plus, not only am I a Purdue University Boilermaker alumnus, I just like trains.