Sick and Angry? Me too.

It’s only a few days after the Harvey Weinstein revelations made big news and I made a huge mistake.  Yep, I went onto Facebook.  I was intrigued by some of these “Me too!” threads, so I read a few of them that looked interesting.  After reading some and replying to a couple, I realized how bad I was feeling; i was sick and angry, but probably not for the reasons you think.

Sure, I’m sick and angry to hear about these things happening in a supposedly advanced society.  

I’m sick and angry that these hate-filled people even exist and some have risen to prominence.

I’m sick and angry that other people have turned a blind eye to this behavior, especially when their personal fortunes are supported by those hate-filled deviant people.

All these reasons should go without saying, but, as a man, there are other reasons too.

I’m sick and angry that women don’t seem to be able to protect themselves.  When will I hear a story about a woman who took out her attacker?  I haven’t seen one since college.

I’m sick and angry that feminist agendas against men are already being pushed based on these events.

I’m sick and angry that people continue to insist there is a “rape culture” rather than recognizing that these behaviors are hate crimes and not a basis of ANY culture.

I’m sick and angry that misandrists are already attacking the male gender and denigrating all men for the behavior of a few hateful deviants.

I’m sick and angry that some men continue to believe they need to denigrate and emasculate themselves in apology for the few hateful deviants.

I’m sick and angry that the denigration of men in general will prevent anyone from teaching young men and boys proper masculine behavior, resulting in a cascade of more problems in the future.

I’m sick and angry of hearing about “toxic masculinity”, when these behaviors are far, far from being anything remotely related to true masculinity.

Finally, I’m sick and angry that I haven’t been able to take a dry wall saw and castrate any of the men who had attacked women I had known who could add to the “Me Too” list.

Sick and angry is not a feeling I want to nurture.  I think I’m going to take a break from all media for a while before I throw up.

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