12 Signs for Spotting a Misandrist

Women, especially feminists, love to bandy about the word “misogynist”, that is, a term to designate someone who hates women.  To a radical feminist, every person with a Y-chromosome (every man) is a presumed misogynist by nature, evidence be damned.  (Fortunately, radical feminists are few and far between.) Regular feminists are less likely to be so presumptuous, and fortunately the regular feminists greatly outnumber the radical.

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A problem arises in that the radical feminists seem to get all the press.  Why?  Quite simple.  Radical feminists are exciting and unusual.  They do incredibly stupid stuff.  They get attention.  They get viewers on TV and page hits in the web.  Middle of the road feminists?  Not so much.  Middle of the road feminists are too intellectual and unexciting to get attention.  For that matter, you’ll seldom see or hear the middle of the road people of any type on the news because, well, they’re boring.  They’re too normal.

The publicity these rare yet newsworthy radical feminists gets spills over to other areas.  Recently, even Psychology Today apparently needed more traffic to their site, so they got into the act and published a guide to 12 characteristics of a misogynist.  Apparently Psychology Today is less about psychology and more about click-bait on the internet.  I am waiting for their article called “One Weird Trick For a Brighter Disposition” written for the depressives of the world.

Oddly enough, as rare as the radical feminist is, there is one person that you hear even less about.  I’m wondering when the news outlets will cover these people.  These are the misandrists.
You’ve probably never heard that term before, but if you’re astute you can figure it out.  A misandrist is a man-hater, much like a misogynist is a women hater.  As it turns out, misandrists are estimated to be slightly larger in number than radical feminists.  If you don’t believe that, consider this; we can assume every radical feminist is a misandrist, but in addition to radical feminists, many men are also misandrists.  Man-haters include both women and men!

So how do you know if you’ve met a misandrist, or for that matter, if you are one?  How do you know if the somewhat odd guy you’ve been friends with hates himself and other men?  With a tip of the hat to Psychology Today, a female might be a misandrist if she exhibits any of these behaviors:

1) never misses a chance to refer to a man as a misogynist;
2) evaluates men for what she can get out of them;
3) benefits materially from whatever man she is with;
4) withholds sex from her partner to assert control over the relationship;
5) denigrates her male partner in public;
6) denigrates men in general publicly and privately;
7) routinely makes commitments to men that she has no intention of keeping;
8) expects her partner to be at her beck and call; to follow orders, even simple ones;
9) creates situations in which her behavior or lack of judgement can be blamed on men;
10) holds the man responsible for her sexual pleasure, or lack thereof;
11) blames her misfortunes on men;
12) any game played against men must be won, even at the expense of others (such as divorce).

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Naturally, having a few of these characteristics doesn’t guarantee the women is a misandrist.  The more characteristics, the more likely she is.  More importantly, any one of these characteristics is a big red flag that a guy probably needs to get the woman out of his life.  Ignore the red flag at your peril.  The misandrist has identified with these points of view to a very deep level and derives pleasure and self-gratification by exhibiting these behaviors; no amount of education will change that.

For misandristic male, the list is similar, but slightly different.

1) never misses a chance to refer to another man as a misogynist;
2) evaluates himself based on what services he can provide to women;
3) lives to provide material benefits to women;
4) believes that women control all sex in a relationship;
5) denigrates his male partner in public; (for gay men)
6) denigrates men in general publicly and privately;
7) believes men should be at the beck and call of women;
8) always follows women orders, even simple ones;
9) believes men are responsible for all women’s failures;
10) sacrifices his own sexual pleasure for the woman’s sexual pleasure;
11) assumes responsibility for women’s misfortunes;
12) when competing against women, throws the game to allow women to win.

If any of these characteristics apply to you or a friend of yours, that’s a big red flag that you have a problem.  If these apply to you, then you won’t listen to anything I have to say, so I won’t offer any advice.  You’ll need to come to the understanding that your lack of respect for your gender, and therefore, your lack of respect for yourself, is probably the major factor that prevents you from achieving what you want from life.  Until you do, you’ll continue to fail and not understand why.

On the other hand, if these characteristics apply to a friend of yours, you will need to get him out of your life much as you would a misandristic woman.  Like a female misandrist, the self-hating male feels self-gratification from these behaviors, and has probably been rewarded to some small degree for behaving this way.  What the misandristic male doesn’t realize is the rewards for being a genuine man dwarf the minuscule rewards for hating himself for the benefit of some woman who also hates him.

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