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Speech: Telepathy in Modern Society

My latest speech (March, 2012) follows the theme of mental programs I started with Buttons.   Once again, this a topic that cannot be adequately addressed in 8-10 minutes, the recommended time for an after dinner talk (The Entertaining Speaker, project 5). In this speech I reference an editorial from Toastmaster magazine, in which the […]

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Speech: The Drollery Coefficient

I can’t believe I haven’t posted this humorous speech yet!  It’s one of my favorites, but it requires some knowledge of economics and U.S. politics. I was planning to present a humorous speech, so I decided to speak on economics. Now I know most of you think there‚Äôs nothing funny about the economy. I suggest […]

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Speech: Buttons

Toastmasters projects limit most speeches to 5-7 minutes. This limit provides an opportunity to practice oratory under a time constraint, and gives more opportunities for speeches at any given meeting.  The major disadvantage is that it fails to provide enough time to explore a topic in depth.  This is my most recent speech of February 2012, and […]

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